• An increased number of students who graduate with the skills necessary to participate in an Information-Age society and its resulting jobs and work environments, thereby increasing their ability to be self-sufficient.
  • A strengthened state workforce comprised of individuals who are able to solve complex problems and participate in an increasingly global economy, due to their education, which contributes to your state‚Äôs economic stability and innovative viability.
  • A citizenry of decision-makers who VALUE learning.
  • Learning opportunities that are greatly expanded and far more motivating and effective.
  • Learners who have greatly increased desire to learn and skills to learn on their own.
  • Teaching designed to meet the needs of tech-savvy students by providing them with interactive learning environments.
  • Schools and educational institutions that encourage, foster, and applaud discovery, invention, innovation, creativity, and curiosity, through the application of technology and communication.
  • Schools that understand and value high-level competence in academic courses and knowledge acquisition.