Need for Leadership for Change

Leadership is needed from:

  • State Superintendent of Instruction and State Department of Education
  • Superintendent of local school district
  • Principals of schools, as instructional leaders
  • External experts in the change process

How does FutureMinds Help Leaders?

  • Master three sets of competencies:
    • Mastering Awareness: becoming skillful in collecting,analyzing, interpreting and reporting need data (which push people toward change) and opportunity data (which draw people toward change).
    • Mastering Intention: becoming skillful in creating and communicating a compelling and emotionally powerful vision of a desirable future for a school system.
    • Mastering Methodology: becoming skillful in using a methodology especially designed to create and sustain systemic transformational change and the tools that are part of that methodology.

  • Develop and use seven communication strategies

  • Master knowledge of and skill in applying eight principles that influence the success (or failure) oftransformational change.

For further information seeDuffy Report 12 (610 KB PDF)