What If We Cannot Agree on What to Change?

If change leaders work as a small team to develop proposals to change their school system in isolation from their colleagues and from key stakeholders in their district’s external environment, then there will be a significant amount of disagreement about what to change. However, if change leaders use state-of-the-art large and small group events to engage people in the process of envisioning changes for their school district, then the level of disagreement will be significantly lower.


These state-of-the-art large and small group events include: the Community Engagement Conference (for invited key stakeholders from the community), the System Design Conference (for the entire school system), the Cluster Design Conference (one for each cluster of schools in a district, one for a central administration cluster, and one for a cluster of support work units), and Design Workshops. These events are planned to emerge in sequence and data collected from each event are fed-forward to the next event, ultimately feeding into the Design Workshops where small teams of building-based educators and department-based support staff engage in a structured process for creating innovative ideas to improve their building or department’s relationships with the external environment, their core and supporting work processes, and their internal social infrastructure.


A detailed description of the design of these events is found in the following documents:


Community Engagement Conference(32 KB PDF)
System Engagement Conference(33 KB PDF)
Cluster Engagement Conference(40 KB PDF)

Design Workshops (48 KB PDF)