FutureMinds Advisory Board

  • Professor Yaneer Bar-Yam, Founding President, New England Complex Systems Institute
  • Dr. Gene Carter, Executive Director, Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development
  • Dr. Jack Dale, Superintendent of Fairfax County Public Schools
  • Morton Egol, developer of School of the Future program and founder of Community Learning Center in Alameda, California
  • Dr. Linda Darling-Hammond, Charles E. Ducomunn Professor of Education, Stanford University
  • Dr. Christopher Dede, Timothy E. Worth Professor in Learning Technologies, Harvard University http://www.gse.harvard.edu/~dedech/
  • Libia S. Gil, Senior Fellow, American Institutes of Research
  • Frances Hesselbein, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Leader to Leader Institute
  • Dr. G. Thomas Houlihan, President/CEO, Institute for Breakthrough Performance and former Executive Director, Council of Chief State School Officers
  • Dr. Roger Kaufmann, Professor Emeritus, Florida State University and Director of Roger Kaufmann & Associates http://www.megaplanning.com/
  • Dr. Jerrold Kemp, retired professor from San Jose State University and former president of AECT and Systemic Change Division of AECT
  • Dr. Stephanie Pace Marshall, founding President and President Emerita of Illinois Mathematics and Science Academy http://www.stephaniepacemarshall.com/
  • Dr. Barbara L. McCombs, Senior Research Scientist http://www.dri.du.edu/hmld_homepage.html , University of Denver Research Institute http://www.dri.du.edu/hmld_homepage.html
  • Dorothy Rich, Founder/President of the Home and School Institute http://www.megaskills.org
  • Dr. Phillip Schlechty, Founder of Center for Leadership
  • Donald Stinson, Superintendent of Metropolitan School District of Decatur Township, Indiana http://www.msddecatur.k12.in.us/

For further information, see biographical sketches of FutureMinds Advisory Board